Bulk Powders Complete Mass


Name Bulk Powders Complete Mass
Serving Size 135g
Category Mass Gainer
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Nutritional Information

Per 100g Per Serving
Calories 399kcal 538.65kcal
Protein 29.9g 40.37g
of which sugars
Fat 6.6g 9g
Salt 0.52g 0.7g

Indepth Contents

Bulk Powders Complete Mass

Complete Mass is a calorie dense weight gainer, designed for real hard gainers who struggle to pack on muscle and size. Not only does Complete Mass contain over 500Kcal per serving, but it is crammed with multiple sources of muscle-building protein and is fortified with amino acids such as glutamine and leucine.

In addition, Complete Mass tastes so good that you'll look forward to each and every shake. Unlike most weight gainers, Complete Mass focuses on quality ingredients - not just cheap sources of protein and sugar. Even so, Complete Mass still packs a massive 40g protein and 66g carbohydrate per serving. For those trying to put on mass, it is clear that the body requires additional calories. After all, simply speaking, calories consumed must be greater than calories used to achieve weight gain. It isn't always quite that simple though. Generally, nobody trying to put on mass does it with the aim of getting fat. In respect of this, Complete Mass has been formulated for those with higher calorie requirements, but who want a quality formula that isn't packed with cheap sugar.

The inclusion of ultra fine scottish oats then, rather than sugar-based dextrose or maltodextrin, ensures that the body has a sustained release of energy, while also helping to regulate blood sugar levels. Whey protein concentrate, milk protein concentrate and egg white powder comprise a quality blend of protein, that is both slow and fast release. This ensures both instant and sustained delivery of amino acids to the muscles to fuel growth and size. Additional leucine has been included due to it being viewed as the most anabolic of the amino acids. What's more, glutamine peptides are also present for their many benefits, ranging from preventing muscle loss to improving recovery from exercise.

Looking at each ingredient individually: Slow and Fast Release Protein Blend A multi-protein blend of 40% whey protein concentrate, 40% milk protein concentrate and 20% egg white powder delivers a complete collection of amino acids at different speeds of absorption. All three of these protein sources are popular in their own right for strength athletes, and are ideal for promoting weight gain. Unlike many other brands, we are happy to detail the percentage contribution of each protein source in this product - we have nothing to hide! Leucine The primary amino acid responsible for stimulating protein synthesis and facilitating muscle growth. Complete Mass has a market-leading 5g leucine per serving. Glutamine Peptides Glutamine peptides are extremely popular; users primarily purchase glutamine peptides to aid recovery, but also for their muscle preservation and muscle building properties. Ultra Fine Scottish Oats Oats provide a healthy source of carbohydrate that fuel the body with a sustained release of energy and additionally are a great source of healthy fibre.

While Complete Mass isn't directly a performance enhancing product, the formula allows for quality gains in weight, size and strength, and is an excellent fuel source for challenging training sessions. The fine oats give the body sustained energy, with the high protein and amino acid levels then ensuring optimal muscle growth and recovery.

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